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For the industry to provide professional product
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Maintenance and repair, strict control of each product

Set scientific research, development, production and
operation as one, with strong research and development
strength, advanced production technology

Professional and technical research and
development team, rich experience in
production technology, advanced research and
development of manufacturing processes,
leading the development of the industry.

The company set up a professional service team to
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Is a collection IF melting furnace, medium and high frequency furnace, frequency induction furnace, high frequency heat treatment production line and through heat and quenching and quenching machine tool package of development, production and sales as one of the enterprises.

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Strong technical force, with the industry outstanding engineering and technical personnel and R & D team and various types of professional managers. Sophisticated testing equipment, a complete process, the highest industry-leading level

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From the market forecast, new product development, engineering design, manufacturing to after-sales service are the full implementation of "ERP management model."

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  • The company has always been to "improve the quality of technology, research and development of high-tech products" as the first goal, perennial and Yancheng Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology and other state key scientific research units to carry out research cooperation。
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   Yancheng Kwong Hing Electric Co。, Ltd。 is located in YanCheng, at the beautiful coast of the Yellow Sea。 The Company is an integrated enterprise specialized in development, production and sales of production lines for intermediate frequency furnace, medium–high frequency heating furnace and line frequency furnace as well as 。。。。。。

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The present situation and Prospect of the development of the standardization of the machinery industry
The present situation and Prospect of the development of the standardization of the machinery industry

Development status 1. The development of the mechanical industry has rammed the foundation of the standardization work Machinery industry after 50 years of development, has formed a complete, with considerable size and a certain level of the industrial system, over the years for various sectors of the national economy provides a large amount of equipment, either economy or export and absorb the important index of employment ability, showed that the machinery industry has become a pillar industry in our country the economy, and indicates that China's machinery industry ranks among the world powers. 2. Standardization work has promoted the development of machinery industry (1) providing specifications for the production activities of the machinery industry; To build a bridge for the application of advanced manufacturing technology. It provides support for the adjustment of industrial structure in the machinery industry. (4) to create conditions for promoting trade; (5) providing means for international competition; For the resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of support; The standard 12603, of which 4307 national standards, industry standard 8296; The Standardization Technical Committee of the national total of 90, of which 76, branch of machinery industry 24; TC SC, the Secretariat to the international organization for Standardization: 3 the Secretariat of the TC (ISO/TC1/IEC/TC7, IEC/TC85), 1 SC (ISO/TC10/SC6) secretariat. 3. The main problems (1) the overall level is low and is not suitable for the needs of the revitalization of the machinery industry A, the standard system structure is not reasonable; B, the standard content is not reasonable; The content of C and standard technology is low. D, the standard updates are not in time. The low degree of internationalization is not conducive to the improvement of international competitiveness A, low ratio of international standards and advanced foreign standards; B, low quality with international standards and advanced foreign standards; C, the level of substantive participation in international standards is low. Low service ability, reducing the effectiveness of standardization work A, the standardized service means are backward, the form is single, the degree of information is low, and the efficiency is not high. B, standardized services remain in the service stage of standard text, data and literature. Development environment 1. Standardization work has been included in the revitalization of the machinery industry agenda "On a number of opinions" to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, to give full play to the role of standardization in the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. To improve the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards level. To improve China's equipment manufacturing industry standard system, creating conditions for our products to participate in international competition. The 2. standard has become the technical basis for improving the ability of independent innovation 3. optimizing the industrial structure of the machinery industry needs a high standard 4. developing a resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry to make clear requirements for standardization work 5. economic globalization brings standardization to the forefront of international competition 6. strengthening standardized services is an urgent need to improve the effectiveness of standardization Development goals 1, guiding ideology Guided by Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", we must carry out the policy of Scientific Outlook on Development in the guidance of "government guidance, market promotion, enterprises and service industries", and strive to improve the standard level. Speed up the standard update. We should strengthen the standardized service, give full play to the basic role of standardization in the revitalization of the machinery industry, and enhance the international competitiveness of the machinery industry. To make great efforts to revitalize the machinery industry and make contributions to the new road of industrialization. 2. Work objectives In 2010, the goal of standardization in machinery industry is to set up a standard system for machinery industry which is consistent with the international standards, with a prominent structure and reasonable structure. The overall level of the standard is obviously improved. 3, the main sign (1) in the mechanical industry standard system, the digitization, networking and intellectualization product standard, industrial equipment energy efficiency standard, energy consumption product energy consumption limit standard, sewage recycling standard, material saving standard and safety standard proportion increased significantly. (2) the proportion of the mechanical industry standards containing independent innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements has been greatly improved. (3) the standard age of the major machinery industry is controlled within 5 years. Establish a standardized service system for machinery industry, which is effectively implemented and basically meet the rapid development needs of the machinery industry. The conversion rate of international standards in major industries is over 70%, and the standards of security, environment and international trade are gradually synchronized with the formulation of international standards. The fight to take TC or SC Secretariat 2 international standardization organization, put forward 15 international standards work projects, participate in 60 international standards, and gradually improve the leading position in international standard setting. The formation of market-oriented, business oriented, Standardization Technical Committee for the organization of standardization system, basically built on information technology, according to market mechanism standardization service network, standardized service ability is enhanced. Development focus 1, key tasks Improve the market adaptability of the machinery industry standard A. focuses on improving the independent innovation ability of the machinery industry and strengthening the formulation of the standards for the transformation of independent innovation results. B. focus on the optimization of machinery industrial products and industrial structure, increase high-tech and high value-added products urgently to develop key technology standards efforts; C. changes the market demand and updates the standard in time D. improves the quality, grade and added value of the export products of the machinery industry, and improves the technical volume and level of the standard. E. revolves around the establishment of China's technical trade measures system, and speeds up the speed of the revision of the technical regulations and the standard of qualified assessment. F. focuses on developing resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry, strengthening energy saving, water saving, material saving products and environmental protection equipment standardization. G. set up and perfected the safety standard system for the machinery industry around the safety of production. Improve the international competitiveness of the machinery industry standard A. actively and effectively adopts international standards and advanced foreign standards to achieve integration with international standards, break through and overcome barriers, and create conditions for machinery industry to participate in international competition. B. actively participates in the formulation of international standards, which makes the international standards more reflecting the technical requirements and interests of China's machinery industry. C. actively promotes the development of machinery industry's professional field with export advantage, and has independent intellectual property rights and industrialization standards, making it an important part of international standards, ensuring the advantage in international competition. Improve the effectiveness of the standardization of the machinery industry A complete, efficient, accurate and timely standardized information service and technology management platform for machinery industry is established, which improves the efficiency of standardized management, strengthens the publication and distribution of standards, improves the quality of standard training, and actively promotes the implementation of standards. 2. key areas (1) agricultural machinery industry: tractors, ploughing and planting and fertilization machinery, water-saving irrigation equipment, plant protection machinery, facility agriculture, agricultural and sideline products deep processing complete sets of equipment, harvesting and storage and drying machinery, animal husbandry machinery, agricultural transport machinery. Internal combustion engine industry: medium and small power internal combustion engine, small gasoline engine, oil pump oil nozzle. (3) construction machinery industry: earthmoving machinery, pavement construction and maintenance machinery, intelligent construction machinery, tunnel and underground excavation machinery, drilling and production machinery, drilling machinery and construction machinery parts. Instrument and meter industry: industrial automation, instrumentation and control system, electrical instruments, scientific instruments, intelligent geodesy, sensors and functional materials, laser technology and products. Cultural office equipment industry: photography, photocopying, film machinery. The general petrochemical industry: pump, blower, compressor, valve, vacuum and application of filtration and separation equipment, machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, environmental protection machinery, packaging machinery. The heavy mining industry, metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, material handling machinery, forging. The machine tool industry: metal cutting machine, special machine tools, woodworking machines and tools, forging machinery, casting machinery, cutting tools, measuring tools, abrasives, industrial machinery and electrical system. 9 electrical appliance industry: large hydropower units, supercritical coal-fired power plant clean coal combustion power generation equipment, large air-cooled turbine, nuclear power equipment, gas - steam combined cycle power generation equipment, fuel cells, renewable power generation equipment, power transmission equipment, AC million + 500kV + 800kV, high voltage DC power transmission equipment. High voltage DC power transmission equipment, electrical materials, power transmission equipment system based Development measures 1, cultivating and developing the standardized market (1) the standardization of propaganda; To establish the main position of the enterprise; (3) play the role of the industry association; Strengthening the construction of the Standardization Technical Committee. 2. promoting the standardization of reform (1) establishing the standard innovation mechanism; The establishment of a standard revised market mechanism; (3) to establish a substantive participation in the international standardization work mechanism; Establish a standardized diversified investment mechanism. 3. improve the standard of service (1) strengthening the construction of standardized service information system; (2) to expand the content of standardized service objects; Promote the implementation of the standard. 4. train a team of high quality standardization

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the reason for burning the intermediate frequency transformer
Failure phenomenon: if the medium frequency transformer is burnt out, the starting equipment will still burn the intermediate frequency transformer after the replacement. Fault analysis and processing: this kind of fault is common in the equipment using the boost load, which is mainly caused by the vent inductance and the open circuit. In the boost load, voltage series capacitors and shunt capacitors at both ends can not be absolutely consistent, in two groups of compensation capacitor discharge, the voltage is not the same, the discharge time is not the same, the discharge time of high voltage slow, and this group is still not fully complete discharge capacitor when start charging process, this charge will accumulate DC capacitors, the DC charge to release through the discharge if the drain inductance, inductance circuit, DC capacitor charge will accumulate on the release through the intermediate frequency transformer, because if the transformer capacity is very small, under current flowing too big, cause if transformer burn out.
What is the reason for high frequency after medium frequency startup
Failure phenomenon: can start, after the start of the successful frequency is much higher than the original, sometimes bad start. Fault analysis and processing: This is most of the load problem. There is a short circuit between the turns of the A. load coils. It is possible to overlap between lines or have conductive iron and copper wires. The B. load capacitor has the column opening, or the capacitive connection line has serious fire, which causes the internal capacity change.
It is easy to overvoltage, or overvoltage, over current at the same time.
Fault phenomenon: easy to start, but it is easy to overvoltage when the voltage is raised, and sometimes overvoltage and overcurrent occur simultaneously. Fault analysis and processing are as follows. It is easy to overvoltage when the A. is started, indicating that the front angle of the inverter is too large, which causes the overvoltage of the reverse burr, and it is easy to make the overvoltage protection action. In the sweep circuit, the over-voltage bridge has the function of direct discharge after overvoltage. At this time, if the current is large, the overcurrent protection will also act. The main circuit inside the B. power supply cabinet has the phenomenon of virtual connection, insulation reduction and fire. The C. load coil or capacitor has the phenomenon of virtual connection, insulation reduction, and fire. D. inverter thyristor triggers unreliable factors, connection loosening or gate pole
When the DC voltage rises to more than 500V, the DC voltage decreases.
Fault phenomenon: startup and operation is normal. When DC voltage rises to 500V, DC voltage will decrease, fluctuate and even flow, sometimes burn fast. Fault analysis and processing: This is the problem of rectifying phase shift circuit. The zero line on the A. control board is unconnected. The synchronous signal circuit on the control board needs zero line. If it is lacking, the phase shift deviation will occur, and the conduction angle is more than 0 degrees, and the above phenomenon appears. B. users did not connect the zero line to the cabinet or the zero line. There is a problem in the W4 potentiometer (150 degrees) of the C. rectifying circuit. When the adjustment is excessive, the conduction angle is more than 0 degrees. When a given circuit on the front end of the control board has a problem, the conduction angle will also appear to be more than 0 degrees.
The reactor is loud and dull, unstable and trembling.
Failure phenomenon: the device can start, but the voltage is not high, the reactor is very loud and dull, the voltage rises very unstable and trembles. From time to time, there are overcurrent or overvoltage failures, and sometimes it even burns the inverter tube, but it is good to break the rectifier part of the inverter circuit. Fault analysis and processing: most of this fault is the reactor has problems. The inductance of A. reactor is larger than that of normal. The magnetic circuit is saturated. It doesn't play the role of continuous current filtering, nor can it separate the current between AC and DC terminals. The number of turns of reactor is much higher than normal. The air gap plate of the B. reactor is thinner than the normal, and the inductance varies greatly. At this time, the air gap plate is thickened. . In the coil of the C. reactor, there is a phenomenon of fire and discharge between the turns of the coil and the decrease of the interturn insulation.
Analysis of several common failures of medium frequency furnace 1. after a period of drying, the shutdown is not good
Fault phenomenon: the furnace of smelting furnace or knot, starting at the beginning of oven can, the voltage can be increased to the maximum, but the oven after a period of time, after the shutdown will not start up, after the voltage rise is not high, sometimes they stop vibration or flow. Fault analysis and processing: most of this fault is a problem between the turns of the sensor. . A. for a newly smelted melting furnace, because the tying material will produce a lot of moisture when drying, so that a large number of water droplets will be gathered between the turns, resulting in the reduction of interturn insulation. At this time, the oven voltage should not be very high, and the voltage will be increased after drying. B. some inductor coil without immersion insulation paint directly knot knot, this furnace should pay more attention to the amount of moisture in the oven. C. some knot through the furnace after a period of use of knotting materials will appear small gaps, if the sensor insulation does not handle well, there will be a small amount of oxide into the induction coil winding, resulting in inter turn short circuit, the over flow phenomenon. The best inductor coil is wound with the mica belt, and the lacquer, drying, and final knot
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